About LaTrenda George

LaTrenda George

Author & Transformational Coach | Specializing in Spiritual Coaching and Mentoring

LaTrenda George is a certified mind, body and soul practitioner and facilitator. A natural born
listener, she brings eleven years of experience to the table, unprogramming her clients from past
challenges. Growing up as an introvert, she was told that she could only succeed if she became
an extrovert, but when she spent time alone, exploring her intuitiveness, she realized that those
were the times her creativity skyrocketed. She succeeded in life by being true to herself, and thus
dedicates her time to helping others find success too. In her role as an Identity Coach, she
leverages her impeccable leadership skills and philanthropy to help introverts and extroverts
make the most out of their lives.
Also an author of self-help non-fiction, LaTrenda inspires and empowers others to act on their
deepest desires. Knowledgeable in fields more than one, she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in
African and African American Studies from the University of Michigan, and subsequently
bagged a Master’s Degree in Business from the University of Central Michigan. She is the host
of The Awakened Legend—a podcast where entrepreneurs from all over the world share their
success stories.
A single mother of two, she makes her home in Atlanta, Georgia, and spends her free time
reading, roller skating, or exploring different cultures.