Hello Beautiful One,

How is your journey coming along? Are you feeling stuck in your life, love or your business?

I wanted to reach out with a special opportunity to have a free Soul Awakening coaching session to help you via Zoom or Skype.

I am very honored you have subscribed or visited my website.  I want to give back the extra time you have taken from your busy schedule.  I normally offer coaching at $145 US / hour.But this would be absolutely free for you (and there is no sales pitch involved for something else).

I’m doing this because I want to make sure you’re getting the value from connecting with me and not just another connection to add to your list.

This is your year to awaken to another level and do something great!

If you’d like the free session with me please email at with the subject: My Awakening

Best Wishes and Much Love 🙂

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