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Press Release: Author and transformational coach launches self-help book on skills

and talent maximization.

Softcover and eBook versions available on Amazon

Georgia, USA: Getting the best out of a person requires discipline, mentorship,
and careful guidance. LaTrenda George, a transformational coach and author, is
proud to announce the launch of her book; Download Your Truth: Four Steps to
Live from Within, which is available on Amazon. It is a self-help book which
includes details of the author’s personal journey through life. The book contains
tips and lessons on how people can discover their talents and utilize it to better
their lives. It also offers useful advice on living from within and achieving success
by stepping forward, being bold and transforming criticism into glorious victory.
The soft cover and eBook version is available for purchase on
“As a life coach, I have witnessed many people who have great talent but are
afraid to display or explore it. It is a pity that such people live their entire life with
greatness inside them and will not be able to use it to impact the world. This book
was created for such people. It will offer them hope, encouragement, anxiety and
the opportunity to discover themselves. The lessons in the book are practical and
have been used to wake people up and turn them into success stories”, said
LaTrenda George.
The download Your Truth: Four Steps to Live from Within book has been specially
prepared based on the experience of a great coach. The book sees through the
reader, allowing them to imagine their present status and where they plan to be
in a few years. It offers a practical guide that teaches readers how to turn
negative criticism by naysayers and haters into a success story that will shake the
world. You will also learn how to focus and be steadfast in whatever you’re doing
so that you can achieve your dreams and conquer at the end.
“This book is one of the best things I have discovered this year. It shows that there
are still great teachers and coaches out there who understand the human mind
and how to get the best out of people. I love the way the book seems to be

speaking to me directly and challenging me to take steps. After reading the book I
have started something amazing, which I believe will touch the lives of many
people”, said Lionel S, a fan.
About LaTrenda George
LaTrenda George is an author and transformational coach who has been
partnering with people to maximize their strengths, skills, and talents so that they
can achieve their vision. She has interpersonal skills in crisis resolution, problem-
solving, coaching, training, and development, and clients hire her as a trusted
advisor, one to one coach, group facilitator, career planning counselor, etc. For
more information, please contact, or

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Meet LaTrenda George

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